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How to get Started

Learn more about how to get your account setup and send your first email campaign through Mailerswift.

Create Your Main Account

The very first thing you need to do to get started is to get an account. You can get your Account with Mailerswift here by sending us Free Trial request or by purchasing any paid plan.

Verify Your Profile

For a variety of reasons, Mailerswift requires that you provide accurate information about the primary person and organization that controls and uses the account. You will need a valid phone number that can receive SMS messages.

Verify Your Domain

From experience, we know how important it is to send mail from your own domain. So, from the start we require that you add and verify at least one domain on your account. The How To Verify Your Domain Guide will show you how.

Send Your First Email

Now that your account is set up, it is time to send your first email. Usually, there are three ways users send mail via their Mailerswift account.

How to send your first campaign

This guide will walk you through the process of sending your first campaign.

Here at Mailerswift, when you send an email to any group of contacts we call that a "campaign". To send a campaign you need a template (which becomes the email) and you need contacts (the people who receive the email). Let's start with contacts.


The easiest way to add large groups of contacts to your account at once is to upload a .csv file:

Mailerswift Contacts.png

How to manage your contacts

Knowing how to properly manage your contacts can make or break your email campaigns.

Contact Lists - Creating New List

  1. Go to your Contacts Screen. Click on "Create List".

  2. New List: Give your list a name.

  3. Allow Subscriptrion management : When enabled this setting works with the {unsubscribelist} merge field to allow recipients to see which lists they are on.

Most spreadsheet software should allow you to export your contact list as a .csv file.


Make sure your .csv file has a minimum of at least one column labeled 'email' that contains a list of email addresses.




Now that you have contacts in your account, it is time to prepare a template.


There are many templates to choose from and very many ways to customize them:

Mailerswift template.png
Mailerswift template customization.png

Now that you have a template ready, it is time to create the campaign:

Mailerswift  campaign 1.png
Mailerswift Create Campaign.png

Try not to get distracted by all the other bells and whistles as this step is easy. In the Campaign Creator just choose the list of the contacts, choose the template, and press "Send". The campaign will submit for processing.

Once you send your campaign you can analyze its results by using our tools. The Reports screen gives you all kinds of details about the messages you have submitted. The most important thing you should check is your open rate, your Click Rate, and your Bounce and Complaint Rates.

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